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Weight Loss/Fat loss

   The best way to enhance fat loss is with a proper combination of diet, weight training/strenght and cardio. Techniques to employ in weight training and cardio workouts are very crucial.

   The way in which you follow your weight training can significantly affect fat loss. Generally speaking, programs that use certain multi joints movements, incorporating explosive and ballistic training exercises, using weights for fewer reps, lighter weight for higher reps, rest periods very short, combine certain techniques, all seem to be effective ways to keep fat burning maximised.

   Dieting is part of our culture, there are many benefits to weight loss, especially if you are overweight or obese. Benefits include but are not limited to, increased longevity, decreased risk for Cardiovascular disease (CVD), decreased risk for cancer, decreased risk of type II diabetes, improved quality of life, and let's not forget the obvious one - looking better physically. These benefits can be achieved regardless of the type of diet you implement.

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