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           59 yrs Male,

This male client is a Helicopter Pilot and Business owner. Despide a very challenging agenda we worked together for 24 weeks. He was a beginner and had never followed a training and meal plan before. We managed to achieve a very lean body and the strongest he has ever been in his life through strength training.

           37 yrs Male,

This male client works as a IT director. His agenda was full of clients/team meetings,however, We worked together around his meetings to achieve his goals and I got quite impressed with his willingness to change. We worked together for 20 weeks and the results were just amazing. He experienced a active life style in his early age of Royal Army but stopped it completly once he left the corporation. It was the first time he followed a training and meal plan, and he nailed it.

           31 yrs Female,

This female client is a Jewelry Specialist and came to me with a wedding preparation request. She wanted to get leaner as her body weight was exponentially going up and she found herself at the heaviest she ever been all her life. Clearly she was not obese but there was a lot of room for improving her body composition. We worked together for 16 weeks and managed to drop 8 kg while improving her strenght levels for a more toned body until her wedding.

           64 yrs Male,

This client is a Book Author, Business man and Phd Professor. We started working together just days before the lockdown with no gym frequency at all. At first, He trained for weight loss and we achieved a stagerring 15 kg weight loss at the time which allowed him to wear the desidered suit that didnt fit him prior to meeting me. But it was not just it, he fell in love with the process and carried on weight training since then. Now his current physical condition allows him to manage his bodyweight according to what he wishes that to be and furthermore It is assisting him with performance in Golf, Gardening and Bike riding. Currently he is high performing and learning new skills in the gym.

           40's Female,

This female client is a Integrative Phycotherapist, couple consellor and life coach. We started working together 4 years ago and motivation to go the gym was never a problem for her. She has a high gym attendance and follow the workouts accordinly. She achieved a high level of fitness and her strength is through the roof. Throughout these years we reached a great ratio of higher musculature against low body fat. I must admite that her body type helps her to be lean all year around but we took advantage of it and applied the right training and nutrition patterns that suited her bodytype the most. Gluts training is her favourite training pattern.

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