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Building Muscle and Strength Training

Kensington Personal Trainer Testimonial

Why Strength Training?

There are many benefits when performing strength training. As an adult reaches their 30's he\she can lose about 8-1o% of muscle tissue every decade. By doing a couple of gym sessions every week you can bring the percentages down to 1-2% every decade. 

What is this type of Training?

Strength Training can be described as any type of training that moves the whole body or body part against a force in a effort to induce changes in muscle strength or hypertrophy 

How is it performed?

Strength training is performed for a variety of ways. Here are some examples of how that can be done:

  1. Free weights

  2. Weight Machines

  3. Bodyweight training

  4. Etc...


Canary Wharf Personal Trainer


“I have been leaving in Kensington W8 for nearly 3 years and Giulliano has helped me with strength training through all this Pandemic period. With his friendly and understandable coaching approach he taught me different training methods of how to keep myself strong even when equipments are not available  "

Erisa | Hairdresser Salon Manager | Kensington

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