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How about the fat around the waist? How do I get rid of that?

Most of us are very bothered with that fat layer we have around the belly (between the skin and muscle) as well as the so called "visceral fat" which is a deeper fat layer. How Can I reduce and improve the abs area, so I can look "narrower" in there?

One of the techniques you can do is: To exercise targeting that particular area using a progressive overload method (making it harder over time). This will increase the capillaries in the targeted muscles, and consequently, consume more oxygen and nutrients. To burn (metabolise) fat you need oxygen, so more oxygen in the area more "fat burning". But remember, It takes weeks/months for that to happen.

And that is not all. You need to follow

an appropriate diet along with cardio vascular exercises so you can control your overall body fat percentage depending on individual circumstances. So here what to consider:

1 - Weight training (body part muscularity improvement)

2 - Cardio vascular (for overall body fat percentage)

3 - Progression overload with higher repetitions (in our case core muscle)

Think of training in the long run and give it a try.

Thanks Folks,

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