About Giulliano

Fitness a way of life

Giulliano is a Personal Trainer specialised in fat loss and lean muscle gains. His programmes are built around personalised food diaries, based on likes and dislikes of his clients. Through his expertise, He drives his clients towards specific goals by tailoring the training around selected areas of the body, such as Gluteus, arms, legs, back, chest, etc. He also coach performance driven sports like Olympic Weightlifting and Power-lifting.
His goal is to assist clients to reach their goals from weight loss management to lean muscle gains whilst following the highest professional standards. At the core of his approach to fitness is a broad knowledge of physical anatomy. This allows him to meet the needs of a broad range of people of varying ages, who lead differing professional lifestyles and have different training preferences as well as genetic make-up. His passion, dedication and unique coaching method drive higher professional standards along with best client satisfaction.


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