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  If you are looking for a personal trainer in Greenwich  area (SE10 and SE3), you have just found an amazing opportunity  to take control of your current physical and mental condition.

  Giulliano is a qualified personal trainer whose main mission is to take his clients to their next level in their fitness journey. Through highest professional standards and years of experience, Giulliano is able to meet busy client's agendas and apply tailored strategic training programs and nutrition which best suits their goals.

  At the core of his approach to fitness there is a broad knowledge of physical anatomy which allows him to meet the needs of a wide range of professional individuals.

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"Performing, dieting, monitoring and repeating"

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I’ve worked with Giuliano for about 8 months. He’s the third personal trainer I’ve worked with. He invests so much time in designing my programs, which he changes regularly, monitoring my nutrition and generally just keeping an eye on overall performance and form. I’ve never had a trainer that comes anywhere near. He’s excellent and highly recommend his Personal Trainer Greenwich services.

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Tyler, Architect

Giulliano is a fantastic trainer based in Greenwich, I saw great results in 4 months. I have increased body muscle, improved sport performance and gained physical muscle definition thanks for his weekly training. I am continuing with his training for as long as I can!

Greenwich Personal Trainer

Mohammad,TV Producer

I've been training with Giulliano for just over 8 months and within this time frame i've seen a difference physically but mentally too!

Giulliano has made a Greenwich gym novice like myself believe it is possible to make goals and achieve them but it just takes time, dedication and hard work.

His approach is never intimidating but always encouraging and always wants the best for his clients. I can't recommend him enough as he's changed my outlook on fitness completely. This time last year I hadn't even stepped into a gym but now I can't keep away!

If your looking for someone around Greenwich to guide you to the best you can be then Giulliano is your man.

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