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Diets are failing

Diets in most cases are absolute failures. Not because people can't lose weight; people are actually great at weight loss. Six out every seven people who are over-weight will lose a significant amount of weight in their lifetime. The problem is, these same people cannot maintain their weight loss. The weight regain statistics are absolutely shocking and terrifying. Within one year of weight loss, nearly 80% of people will have relapsed to their pre-diet weight. Within two years that number is 85% and within three years over 95% of people will have relapsed to their pre-diet weight.

On Lifting and Bulking

Lifting progressively heavier weights literally cannot make you bulky. All forms of exercise cause you to burn more calories compared to at rest. So heavy lifting will make you leaner.

Lifting weights is in fact fat loss training as well!

Most important: Sustainability and Adherence

Sustainability and dietary adherence are by far the most important factors in losing weight and keeping it off. Research data is extremely clear, if you cannot sustain the methods you use to lose weight, then the question is not 'if' but 'how rapidly' you will put back on the weight after you lose it. Therefore, focus on sustainability and adherence.


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