Different goals, different strategies to get there.


The best way to enhance fat loss is with a proper combination of weight training and cardio along with diet. Techniques to employ in weight training and cardio workouts are very crucial.
The way in which you follow your weight training can significantly affect fat loss. Generally speaking, programs that use certain multi joints movements, incorporating explosive and ballistic training exercises, using weights for fewer reps, lighter weight for higher reps, rest periods very short, combine certain techniques, all seem to be effective ways to keep fat burning maximised.

Running Machine


If your primary goal is to build muscle mass, then severe variables are into play when building up your strength training. Variables like exercises choices, the order of those, how many sets of each exercises you need to do, how heavy a weight you will use on those exercises, how much rest you will take in between sets, and even how fast or slow your working reps are will be crucial and individualised.
You will also know how often you will train each muscle group, how you will split up your training, and how you will periodise your training for optimal results.



The purpose of nutrition advice is not  only to give you a clear and precise meal plan that shows you exactly the food to eat, in what portions and at what time, but also to educate you about the many important roles of nutrition. In order to to achieve your fitness goals, you need to create certain habits which will take you there.



Primarily, S&C can be focused on movement pattern quality in order to improve performance in a certain sport, focusing on strength, power and speed. It also assists individuals in real life scenarios, such as standing up for elderly clients.
Secondly, it will add injury prevention factor by improving better movement quality patterns athletes or general population individuals. In real life this could be an elderly client working on proprioception and balance to help them fall less often. S&C is being well known in the open market and more people are come to understand the benefits of movement based fitness.



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