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Eat thinking about what that food will do to your body

Updated: Mar 22

Protein - protein appears to increase muscle accretion and fat loss and may have beneficial effects on bone when combined with exercise. Pre-sleep protein is a viable strategy to help achieve total daily protein goals.

Carbohydrates - play an important role in the human body. They act as an energy source, help control blood glucose and insulin metabolism, participate in cholesterol and triglyceride metabolism, and help with fermentation.

Healthy Fats - assist lowering the risk of developing heart disease, improving blood cholesterol levels, helping with blood sugar control and reducing inflammation. Healthful fats have a beneficial effect on blood pressure, and they have been shown to support gut health.

Alcohol and sweets - Both cause problems from chronic toxicity, i.e., drinking/eating a lot of sugar over a long enough period of time. The only difference is that alcohol is also an acute toxi, meaning it is possible to overdose on ethanol.

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